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Expat mum: where to find breastfeeding support in France

Hi there

It's not always easy to find breastfeeding support in France if you are an expat Mama, arriving in a new country, welcoming your new baby, and maybe not comfortable with the language!

Here are some explanations about the breastfeeding support system in France:

Through the health system:

  • midwives : at the hospital or in your local area: they can do home visits and check the baby's weight after the birth and help you with the latch: it's reimbursed by the national health system.

  • The paediatric nurse in the "protection Maternelle et Infantile " which is a department of the "Maison de la Métropole": it's a free service offered by the public health system.

Charities with breastfeeding counsellors (peer supporters who have a training): LLL, Galactée, L'Or blanc are examples of charities

The health Professionnals having a university Diploma called DIULHAM. They do not have the obligation to maintain their knowledge through certification.

The IBCLC: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant: this is the Gold standard for breastfeeding support. This is not always reimbursed but might be partially reimbursed by your mutuelle . To pass this exam, you have to have a health professional background (or a specific education matching the pre-requisites), a specific lactation education, and at least 1000 hours of breastfeeding support. You have the obligation to recertify every 5 years . You can find a list on this website

I know that it's not easy when you arrive in a new country to find your way, and it's sometimes much easier to find someone speaking your maternal language to discuss breastfeeding.

I offer breastfeeding support in French and English, face to face in Lyon's area but also by telehealth if you are not around . Telehealth works quite well, even for positionning questions: I show you with my doll and explain each step (even when we are face to face actually: I want you to be able to manage when you are alone!).

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information! Elise, IBCLC


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