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Breastfeeding- sleep and Parenting support

Zone de déplacement  Secteur: Lyon centre, Villeurbanne  et nord et ouest Lyon : Ecully, Tassin,  Dardilly, Limonest, Champagne, Monts d’Or, Vaise, Caluire, Croix Rousse, Fontaine sur Saone, Rillieux la pape... .NB: SI votre commune n'est pas dans la liste: merci de vérifier avec moi par tel ou SMS 


I offer the following services

  • Breastfeeding preparation sessions for pregnant women.

  • Support in case of difficulties or during new stages of your breastfeeding:

    • cracked, sore nipples,

    • mastitis,

    • back-to-work,

    • solid food,

    • weaning,

    • breastfeeding a toddler,

    • breastfeeding twins,

    • poor weight gain, sleeping baby at the breast, supplementation,

    • tongue-tie,

    • cleft lip and palate, baby's disability (especially Down syndrom) or mum's....

I am sending an email to collect information on your medical history-delivery-breastfeeding before our session.

Sessions  in the office or in-home:  Session of 1  hour15, during which I will proceed to the observation of a feeding (and / or a pumping session). We will establish an action plan together.  

Sessions In Visio: 30 min (if just 1 or 2 questions) or 1 hour session, during which I will observe a feeding (and / or a pumping session). We will establish an action plan together.  

It should be noted that during my face-to-face sessions I intervene as little as possible in terms of positioning and latch: I explain/show you with a doll/guide during latching, so that you are independent afterwards. I do the same in video teleconsultation.

Sleep and crying: I trained with Pamela Douglas and Possums in Australia to Become a NDC practtioner: we can discuss baby's sleep. This is not a sleep training technique, I give information around normal sleep and suggestions to improve your family's sleep. More info onthis website:

Parenting support: I trained with Attachment Parenting International to inform parent around questions about sleep, positive discipline, nurturing touch, more info on this website:

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  • baby sleep questions,

  • baby cry questions

I trained with Dr. Pamela Douglas in Australia who developed an approach to support families and babies around the themes of sleep, food, and crying, but also mental support for the mother: more info here:
This approach to sleep is taken up by Professor Ball in England, who is an anthropologist specializing in the sleep of breastfeeding dyads. It is a respectful approach to the development and biology of the child, without crying. Far from the 5-10-15 type methods and without a magic wand (it will rather take 2 weeks)

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In the office or in video, with your child or without. I offer you a discussion, support in discovering your role as a parent. The objective is to guide you in creating a relationship based on trust and respect for the needs of the child and yours. The topics covered include sleep, feeding your child, positive discipline, keeping a balance and taking care of your own needs, massages, etc. I am in training with Nurturings-attachment parenting international.

Carrying in a sling

atelier de portage elise et maman

I offer physiological carrying workshops in a sling, or in a baby carrier.

The objective is to  inform you about the benefits of this practice, and teach you the essential safety rules. A good babycarrier will allow you to be comfortably installed, and baby too.

A workshop lasts 1 hour 

Possibility of doing a pregnant workshop and a workshop after birth with a decreasing price. I can also advise you on the purchase of a wrap


The rate for breastfeeding is 75 euros per hour, and the rate depends on the duration at home, generally between 1 and 2 hours  ( travel costs between 5 and 30 euros are added). This price includes: free access to videos and reminders of what was said during the consultation, the summary of the consultation (breastfeeding plan) by email and a one-week phone call to follow-up.

Not being reimbursed by social security, and aware of the cost that this represents: I propose online courses at a reduced rate (videos and explanatory sheets). 

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