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International Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC ) in Lyon and through telehealth

Elise Armoiry

My name is Elise Armoiry, I am the mother of 3 children  (including twins) all of them breastfed.

With twins, carrying in a sling was the solution to calm one baby while taking care of the second, to move around easily, to avoid having to take the  double I became a babywearing consultant in 2014.

Passionate about breastfeeding,  I have been a volunteer with a breastfeeding support association since 2016, and I took the IBCLC exam in 2019.

​I also write articles around  breastfeeding information (see the Publications page)

From 2014 to 2022, I accompanied more than 1000 families in their first steps to discover their babies, listening and providing information on the subject of breastfeeding,  sleep, crying,  attachment...

Training and diploma:

2005: Pharmacist diploma, Infectiology University degree, 2009: Hospital Pharmacist

2014: babywearing consultant  Certification with "Transmettre ensemble le portage",

2015- today: volunteering with a breastfeeding support association in England.

2016: "Babies in Mind" course from the University of Warwick on attachment parenting,

2016: safeguarding for children course from the University of Warwick,

2016: first-aid training (St John Ambulance)

2017: more than 120 hours lactation course,

2017-today: writing articles for IPA website

2019: Lactation Consultant International Certification  IBCLC. My certification number is L-157174

2020: Infant feeding and Tongue-tie course by Sarah Oakley

2020: Hazelbaker Institute: Assessment tool on Lingual frenulum function

2021-2022: Gestalt Breastfeeding, Crying and fussy baby, and Neuroprotective Developmental Care -Possums Education--Pamela Douglas- Certified NDC Practitioner

2022: Attachment parenting international-attached at the heart- parenting educator trainee


I know how overwhelmed you can feel when a newborn arrives, especially when you don't live in your own country. I would be glad to be there to support you in your first steps as a parent!

elise armoiry ibclc.jpg

An IBCLC lactation consultant is a breastfeeding specialist who has passed international certification valid for 5 years (recertification by training points every 5 years).

To obtain this certification, you need to have:

-a background in health and the knowledge needed to keep abreast of scientific developments 

-between 500 and 1000 hours of clinical practice, and

-specific training in human lactation,

- good listening skills and empathy.

Lactation consultants are bound by a code of ethics. 

They help to promote breastfeeding and inform families of all the options available, so that they can make an informed choice. 

This certification is considered to represent excellence in breastfeeding support.


In France, other qualifications exist, which do not include the same level of requirements in terms of training and clinical practice. There are also charities.

I chose this profession out of passion. I know how important breastfeeding can be for a mother and her child. I adapt my suggestions to each situation.

I chose this certification for the scientific rigour it brings: the information I give is evidence-based, and I regularly update myself on the results of new scientific studies.

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