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Lactation Consultant IBCLC in Lyon and in video

Elise Armory

My name is Elise Armoiry, I am the mother of 3 children  (including twins) all of them breastfed.

With twins, carrying in a sling was the solution to calm one baby while taking care of the second, to move around easily, to avoid having to take the  double I became a babywearing consultant in 2014.

Passionate about breastfeeding,  I have been a volunteer with a breastfeeding support association since 2016, and I took the IBCLC exam in 2019.

​I also write articles around  breastfeeding information (see the Publications page)

From 2014 to 2022, I accompanied more than 1000 families in their first steps to discover their babies, listening and providing information on the subject of breastfeeding,  sleep, crying,  attachment...

Training and diploma:

2005: Pharmacist diploma, Infectiology University degree, 2009: Hospital Pharmacist

2014: babywearing consultant  Certification with "Transmettre ensemble le portage",

2015- today: volunteering with a breastfeeding support association in England.

2016: "Babies in Mind" course from the University of Warwick on attachment parenting,

2016: safeguarding for children course from the University of Warwick,

2016: first-aid training (St John Ambulance)

2017: more than 120 hours lactation course,

2017-today: writing articles for IPA website

2019: Lactation Consultant International Certification  IBCLC. My certification number is L-157174

2020: Infant feeding and Tongue-tie course by Sarah Oakley

2020: Hazelbaker Institute: Assessment tool on Lingual frenulum function

2021-2022: Gestalt Breastfeeding, Crying and fussy baby, and Neuroprotective Developmental Care -Possums Education--Pamela Douglas- Certified NDC Practitioner

2022: Attachment parenting international-attached at the heart- parenting educator trainee


I know how overwhelmed you can feel when a newborn arrives, especially when you don't live in your own country. I would be glad to be there to support you in your first steps as a parent!

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